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Which Humana Plan Is Right For Me?

When it comes to individual insurance in Georgia, Humana is one of the best choices you can make. Each and every Humana plan offers excellent coverage, and there’s really no such thing as an unaffordable Humana plan. Let’s go over each Humana plan one by one and see what each one has to offer.

Humana Plan One: Autograph Total HSA

The first Humana plan is called the Autograph Total HSA, and this particular Humana plan comes in two flavors (integrated and non-integrated prescription deductible). The Autograph Total HSA Humana plan has a set deductible for the individual (for single person coverage) or for the family ranging from $1500 – $5000 ($3000 – $10000 for a family). Once that deductible is met, then this Humana plan will pay 100% of your medical costs for the rest of the year.

With the integrated prescription deductible, any prescription drugs you buy will chip away at that total deductible. With the non-integrated prescription deductible, all of your prescriptions are handled with a discount card, meaning a percentage of your prescription costs are knocked off. The Autograph Total Humana Plan with the discount card also has a slightly different deductible structure ($2000-$5200 individual, $4000-$10400 family). Of these two, I strongly recommend getting the full prescription benefit offered by the Autograph Total Humana plan with an integrated prescription deductible.

Also, it’s worth noting that once the Autograph Total Humana plan has been effective for 90 days, everyone on the plan can get a routine annual physical, mammogram, pap smear, colorectal cancer screen, chlamydia screen, and transvaginal ultrasound totally free of charge. Child wellness visits up to age five are also free, and immunizations from age six to eighteen are free as well under this Humana plan.

Finally, as the name implies, this Humana plan is HSA (health savings account) eligible.

The verdict: this Humana plan (with the integrated prescription deductible) provides the best combination of comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums on the market today. I like this plan for anyone ready to ditch the office visit copay.

Humana Plan Two: Portrait Unlimited 80

The second Humana plan is the one that probably looks a bit more like what you’re used to. With this Humana plan, you’ve got a $35 office visit copay ($50 for specialists), and then your medical deductible of either $1000 or $2500. Once you meet your medical deductible with this Humana plan, Humana will pay 80% of your bills until an additional $2000 comes out of your pocket. At that point, this Humana plan will start to pay 100% of your bills.

When it comes to prescriptions, this Humana plan divides things into four tiers. Tier one prescriptions are your basic generics (you can often get these at Wal-Mart for $4) and cost $15 if you can’t find them cheaper elsewhere. Tiers two through four are subject to a prescription deductible of $500 (you can buy this deductible down to $0, but it’s not really worth it). Once you’ve met the $500 prescription deductible under this Humana plan, tier two drugs (high-cost generics and brand-name drugs) have a $35 copay, tier three drugs (higher-cost brand name drugs) have a $55 copay, and tier four drugs (biotechnology drugs, self-administered injectables) have a 25% copay up to a maximum out-of-pocket of $2500 (then, this Humana plan will pay 100%).

This Humana plan is the sort of health insurance that most people have at work and are most comfortable with. However, the vast majority of people will never take advantage of the unlimited office visit copays offered by this Humana plan – and that means that they’re paying for a benefit that they’re not using.

The verdict: Get this Humana plan if you’re not ready to ditch the office visit copays yet, but be aware that you’re going to pay slightly more than you would for other any other Humana plan.

Humana Plan Three: Autograph Share 80

This Humana plan is the budget-conscious version of the Portrait Unlimited Humana plan. Here, you’ve got the $35 doctor visit copays ($50 for specialists), but under this Humana plan each family member only has six copays per year. The seventh visit onward will be billed to your medical deductible (either $5000 or $6000). Once you meet your deductible, this Humana plan will again pay 80% of your bills until you have another $2000 come out of your pocket – then, this Humana plan will pay 100%.

Prescription drugs are handled just like the Portrait Unlimited Humana plan, but the prescription deductible choices are $500 and $1000 instead of $0 and $500.

The verdict: This Humana plan is right for someone who really wants that office visit copay, but is on a tighter budget. However, if you’re looking at this Humana plan, then you’re almost certainly going to be better off with the Autograph Total Humana plan.

Humana Plan Four: Monogram

The fourth and final Humana plan is the Monogram. This is the lowest-cost Humana plan available, making it very attractive for the most budget-conscious shoppers. With the Monogram Humana plan, you have a $7500 medical deductible. Once that deductible is met, this Humana plan will pay 100% of your costs. Additionally, you’ve got a $1000 prescription deductible. Tier one drugs still cost $15 and aren’t subject to that deductible, but under this Humana plan tier two drugs are $40 and tier three drugs are $65 after the prescription deductible is met. Tier four drugs are still a 25% copay to a maximum out-of-pocket of $2500.

Child wellness services up to age five, routine annual physicals, routine immunizations from age six to eighteen, routine pap smears, routine mamograms, routine colorectal cancer screens, routine transvaginal ultrasounds, and chlamydia screening tests are all paid at 100% before the deductible with this Humana plan, meaning that they’re totally free. The only catch is that you must wait ninety days to take advantage of these benefits.

The verdict: The lowest-cost Humana plan still has comprehensive benefits, but they won’t kick in until quite a bit of medical expenses have already been incurred. This is a great plan if you don’t have room in your budget for the Autograph Total.

Optional Beneifts: Make Your Humana Plan Shine

You can add a few optional benefits to your Humana plan to really beef it up. First, consider adding a Supplemental Accident Benefit (SAB) to your Humana plan to protect you more completely against accidental injury. With this benefit added (for about $8-$12 per month extra), you can have the first $500 or $1000 of your medical bills resulting from the emergency treatment of an accident paid in full, regardless of what your deductible is. So if you trip and break your wrist, and you’ve added a SAB to your Humana plan, the first $500 or $1000 worth of care will be paid in full at no additional cost to you.

You can also add dental insurance to any Humana plan. We talk about the dental available with any Humana plan in great length over at our full dental coverage article.

Lastly, getting life insurance bundled with your Humana plan is as easy as can be. There are no additional questions, no physical exams required, nothing – if you’re approved to get a Humana plan discussed above, then you’re approved to get term life insurance through Humana as well. However, I recommend against this for two reasons: one, since this is a “non-med term” policy, it’s slightly overpriced. And two, tying your life and health insurance plans together isn’t a great idea – rate increases are much more common in the health insurance world, and you’re not going to keep your individual health insurance when you enter the Medicare years. Because of that, I recommend getting your life insurance through a company that makes life insurance their primary focus. Don’t worry, as an agent, I’m able to help you with that, too!

Now that you’ve seen how each and every Humana plan works and you’ve got a good idea of which one you think you want, head over to our free, instant Georgia insurance quote page and find out just how affordable these plans really are!

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