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I have never met Nick Perry nor do I know him.  However, he is the creator of this founder of this.  I found that it had been left for “dead”.  As I reviewed the archives of this site, I saw that it had merit.  So, based upon the information at, I decided to rebuild this site.  To the best of my ability I have put the original articles back and credited them to Nick.

Nick left his biography on the original site.  We have reissued all of nicks articles here.  This site first showed up archived on in January 5, 2009

Insurance might seem like a strange thing to have a passion for, but it’s where my heart lies. Before you put the responsibility for your health and life insurance into my hands, I’d like you to know a little bit about who I am, where I came from, and why I’m dedicated to doing the best job for you that I possibly can.

I’m a graduate of the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) and proudly hold a Bachelor’s Degree of the Arts in Sociology. At first glance, it may not seem like a sociology degree from the University of Georgia is the most impressive qualification for an independent insurance agent. Perhaps finance, business, or economics would seem more appropriate – but I’d argue that you’d be wrong.

The focus of my degree was on quantitative demographic analysis, which means I have spent years crunching numbers to track trends in all sorts of areas. Applying that knowledge to the insurance industry means I not only watch trends as they develop, but I anticipate what will happen in the future.

We’ve all heard horror stories about people signing up with a health insurance carrier at a great rate only to see their premiums skyrocket midway through the year. Wouldn’t you want an agent who knows how to track and anticipate that sort of thing?

Remember the article on this very website about why you should use an independent agent: you can shop for your own insurance, you can buy direct from the insurance companies, and you can pay a monthly premium. Or, you can use an independent agent, pay the same premiums and no additional fees, and have an expert working for you to select the best policy for your needs. In other words, you can use an independent agent and, at no extra cost, get someone to research all of your options for you and present you with the best ones. Now, doesn’t it make sense that an agent with a college degree in research and analysis is a smart choice?

I’ve worked with insurance ever since graduating from college. As a benefits specialist for a major medical group in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I analyzed and applied the benefits of anywhere from twenty (on a slow day) to one hundred fifty patients every day. In an average week, I would review the health insurance policies of at least four hundred patients. When I say I’m a health insurance expert, it’s not me artificially inflating my credentials: if there’s a policy sold in the state of Georgia, chances are I’ve seen it, I’ve worked with it, and I know just what to expect from it. And I know, from real-world experience, what types of policies work best in what situations. I know what carriers and what networks work best in what geographic areas of our state. And believe me, I know what the consequences of having the wrong coverage can be.

In fact, it’s that last point that led me to leave my position as a benefits specialist for a career in independent health insurance sales, education, and consultation. I lost track within three weeks of starting that job how many people I watched go bankrupt because they either didn’t have the coverage they thought they had or because they thought they could save money by not carrying health insurance. That plan never works – we all get sick, we all have accidents, and we will all incur medical bills. But I wasn’t allowed to say that to our patients, because our golden rule was “We identify benefits, not advise on them.”

Well, privacy laws and personal ethics prevent me from discussing the straw that broke this camel’s back, but suffice to say I saw one too many people walk out of our doors completely broke because they had health insurance that didn’t serve their needs. It wasn’t the fault of our clinic – we followed standard billing guidelines and I never personally saw a charge posted that I didn’t think was fair. It wasn’t the fault of our patients – in almost every case, they had coverage that they thought was more comprehensive than it truly was, and if that wasn’t the case then they honestly believed that they couldn’t afford health insurance. And it wasn’t the fault of the big bad insurance companies – their policies were written and selected by the patients, and claims were paid as promised (most of the time). Health insurance is complicated, and policy contracts are difficult to read. If you’ve never been exposed to them before, they can be completely incomprehensible.

But somewhere along the line, someone forgot to explain to these patients just what was going to be covered and what wasn’t. Someone forgot that you sell a health insurance policy to a living, breathing person with a spouse and a family and a business to run, not a faceless name in a ledger. And so, I took the experience I gathered from reviewing literally thousands upon thousands of policies, left that medical group, and began applying my experience and expertise to filling that gap. And now, I don’t work for the doctors, and I don’t work for the insurance company: I work for you, my client.

If you have any questions about my professional qualifications or affiliations, please use the contact form located on this website to get in touch with me. I’m always excited to speak with new people. A lot of insurance agents like to say that they’re self-employed, but I like to say that I work for my clients. It might seem like a strange decision to trade my one boss for hundreds, but I can’t imagine a more fulfilling profession. So, if you’d like to hire me, I’m always open to an interview!


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